Meet These Masters of Relaxation

Give your group an interactive or transformational session to relax. Relaxing activities reduce stress levels and boost productivity. The perfect energising break during long meetings! Meet our professionals below.


frank mannens

Frank, is known as Mr. Singing Bowls at The Conscious Club. From the first moment he got in touch with singing bowls 17 years ago he knew it was his path to share these beautiful meditative and healing sounds with an audience. He provides Sound Journeys to a various range of teams in order to increase motivation, inspiration and efficiency. 

Category: Zen Packages
Theme: Sound Medicine, Healing, Connection, Meditation


Deborah hoeks

Deborah has a degree in Sport, Marketing and Communication. After 10 years in the commercial and event sector she changed her career to focus on on what gives her energy; being a yoga instructor and massage therapist. Deborah offers stress release packages in order to achieve a more successful working-environment. 

Category: Zen Packages
Theme: Stress Release, Yin/Yang Yoga, Massage



suze retera

Suze is a Psychologist, E-RYT200 yoga teacher and avid traveller. Suze studied Social and Cultural Psychology and throughout the years she continued expanding her knowledge in both areas and continued applying them in her coaching sessions and yoga classes. Suze offers Yoga, meditation and release exercises to help companies improving their overall performances. 

Category: Zen Packages
Theme: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Well-being, Release