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Suze Retera

Suze is a Psychologist, E-RYT200 yoga teacher and avid traveller. Being a searcher for her own unique way and personal growth, Suze started traveling and exploring from an early age on.
At the University of Tilburg and Nijmegen Suze studied Social and Cultural Psychology. During these studies she also started practicing yoga and soon completed her first teacher training. Throughout the years she continued expanding her knowledge in both areas and continued applying them in her coaching sessions and yoga classes.
In 2015 she took part in a yearlong training Family Constellations with Hylke Bonnema. She feels enriched by her studies, which have connected her to her passion: creating a life of joy and growth and supporting others in their pursuit of the same. Her clients praise Suze for her compassionate and personal, yet clear and grounded approach.

Category: Zen Packages
Theme: Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Well-being, Release



The Art of Relaxation

There is nothing more valuable than the ability to give yourself the deeply nourishing relaxation that you need.

Yoga nidra is a systematic method of inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. You will enter the magic space between being asleep and awake,  relaxing and restoring deeply.

Duration: 20 mins - 1hr

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Well being

Embodiment and Relaxation

For healing we tend to often look outward, but the true healing power lies within. Being able to tap into our own source of healing power is a great gift that you can apply in many situations that life offers you. When life gets busy or we are experiencing unpleasant events, our mind has a tendency to protect itself by escaping. Our attention drifts off and way are less connected to our body and breath, the things that keep us in the present moment. This is a subtle shift that we often don’t even notice and it can feel quite pleasant as it dims the intensity of our experiences. But life is happening in all these moments and requires us to be present for the less pleasant moments in order to create and fully experience the amazing ones. Setting the tone for a day of full presence.

Duration: 30 mins - 1,5 hrs

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Tension Release Exercises

Making self care part of your daily life sometimes seems harder than it really is. When you are leading a busy life, self care extra important, but when it becomes another thing on your to do list, it might give more stress than care.

Suze will lead you through the workshop with simple exercises to become aware of your needs. This will help you release the activities from the day and sets the tone for a good night sleep. In general: keep it simple and consistent.

Duration: 30 min - 2hrs

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