Krishna Hassomal © The Green Temple

Krishna Hassomal © The Green Temple

Krishna Hassomal

Completed a degree in Chemistry at Imperial College London and her PhD in Environmental Computational Chemistry at University College London and provides inspirational talks for businesses with indepth-knowledge about physics, science and spirituality. Surprise your team with new perspectives. 

Category: Inspirational Speakers
Theme: Conscious Talks, Science & Spirituality, Physics, Energy


conscious talks

Krishna explains why and how the two worlds of science and spirituality are connected.

Class options:

  • Atoms & Molecules - What am I? What are Atoms? What are Molecules? How do we perceive the world?
  • Vibrations & Energy Part
    Sound, Chanting, Vibration, Communication, Ohm. 
  • Vibrations & Energy
    Light, Color, Chakra's, Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • The Mechanics of Manifestation
    Is it true? How does it work? Why does it work? How real is it? With a look on ceremony, meditation, DNA and intention.

On demand the talks can vary in the level of interactivity. 

Duration: 45min-2,5hrs.

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