Jeroen Heidijk © The Green Temple

Jeroen Heidijk © The Green Temple

Jeroen Heindijk

Jeroen has been giving forest tours for over 20 years. He's been training businesses, green professionals and the Dutch government about natural leadership and how to work with the wisdom of trees. His journey started with a passion for martial arts, an interest in movement, but also in the way we stand. Standing for who you are, putting your roots in the ground, taking your position, always in ratio with the other. Jeroen shares how we as humans and organisations can learn from the wisdom and structures of trees.

Category: Business Trainer
Theme: natural leadershipconnection, nature, grounding, communication





tree wisdom

Working with the wisdom of trees for organisational structures

Humans and trees look very much the same. Head up high, roots towards the ground. But not only humans, also organisations share a lot of comparison with trees. Look at the structure in organisations, with al its branches - and the health within all these branches as a result of the decisions made from higher up. Notice that a good base of nutrition is indispensable for your organisation and the cause of all connections, efficiency and success. Jeroen will show a healthy base of nutrition for your organisation’s future using trees as a metaphor.

Keywords: natural leadership, natural structures, connecting, recognising and becoming aware.

Duration: 1,5 - 3hrs

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