Meet These Masters of Inspiration

Make your group change gears with our Inspirational Speakers. Their compelling tales of inspiration cannot help but make audiences look at the big picture of their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves possible. Leave your clients or employees with an unforgettable experience and book an interactive session with one of our professionals below.

Eva Ruiz.jpg

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

Award-winning transformational and sustainable entrepreneur and marketeer.

You can book Eva for the inspirational talk 'Want to make a difference?', an interactive session 'First act, then tell', or the workshop 'The Power of Questioning'.

Category: Inspirational Speakers, Business Trainers
Theme: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Business, Sustainability


Annelies Vette

Her personal mission is to create more awareness about stress in the corporate world. Annelies uses her personal burn-out story and corporate business background, combined with her knowledge of our brains and nervous system for workshops and inspirational talks. 

Category: Inspirational Speakers, Business Trainers
Theme: Burnout, Mindfulness

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Kim Helmus

Kim is an elaborative motivational speaker trainer and psychologist. She provides workshops and inspirational talks on subjects as 'Commitment and Acceptance at work', 'How to decrease (self)judgements' and the bridge between psychology, science and spirituality. 

Category: Inspirational Speakers, Business Trainers
Theme: Psychology, Work Environment