The mission in the kitchen is simple: serving delicious, home made, fresh, organic and vegetarian food. 

Organic & Vegetarian Food
The food for your event are from our own authentic recipes and home made in our own kitchen. We have various packages, but can also co-create a tailor made package for your event. 

Organic Coffee
We like to keep the coffee chain real: our organic coffee is exported directly from the farmer by coffee importer This Side Up and locally roasted around the corner by Lot Sixty One. It doesn't get more sustainable than this. Besides the perfect beans, we make
you the perfect brew on the Ferrari of coffee machines, our Kees van der Westen Mirage. Great coffee guaranteed!

Organic drinks
We only serve organic soda's and juices that you can drink with a clear conscience like; Naturfrisk, Rebel Kitchen, Selo among others. Our aim is simply to serve drinks that are natural, pure and of the highest quality. This means that there are no added preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

ORGANIC Drink options

€ 15,00 per person per day

€ 17,50 per person per day

€ 3,50 per person

€ 7,50 per person per hour

€ 6,00 per person

Unlimited Coffee, tea and water package

Unlimited Coffee, tea, water and soda package

Fresh Vegan Smoothie

Unlimited Dutch Assortment

Glass Saumur Brut





Healthy Sweets


PM Break

Simply Green

€ 6,50

€ 2,50

€ 14,50

€ 5,00


€ 8,50

€ 3,50

€ 16,50

€ 7,50



€ 5,50

€ 18,50

€ 9,50

All food and drink prices are ex. BTW.

Breakfast impression

Breakfast impression

Lunch impression

Lunch impression

Healthy sweets assortment

Healthy sweets assortment

Snacks assortment

Snacks assortment

PM Break impression