Eva Zahrawi Ruiz © The Green Temple

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz © The Green Temple

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

Eva graduated in 1996 in Information Sciences, Advertising and Public Relations at the San Pablo CEU University in Valencia, Spain. She moved to Amsterdam in 2000 to join Cirque du Soleil in the Marketing/Corporate Alliances department, managing sponsorships for the European Tours. After that she became Account Director at Wunderman working on international deployment projects for brands like Land Rover and Jaguar. She then moved to Vodafone where she has been the Brand Director for The Netherlands for the last 5 years. Eva has followed the Executive Program of THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, where she graduated in 2013. She's been member of the board of ADCN and the Vodafone Netherlands Foundation.

Eva’s work has been recognised nationally and internationally with the following awards: Ciclope, Cannes Lions, RAB, Grand Prix Content Marketing, Best of Social Media, ADCN Lampen, Lovie Awards, Euro Excellence Awards, SAN, International Excellence Awards, AMMA, Epica and Eurobest. 

Category: Inspirational Speakers, Business Trainers
Theme: CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Business, Sustainability


Inspirational talk

Want to make a difference?

Stay where you are. Intrapreneurship and doing good from within.

“I want to do something meaningful with my life. Maybe I should move on to a start up or an NGO or do something completely different so I can engage in something more purposeful with my time”. These might be thoughts that crossed your mind and yes, that is an option. But where the transformation is really needed and where you can create impact is precisely where you are. Where you have the opportunity, the time, the means, resources, influence and power to generate change. The solution is not necessarily to get out, but to change it from within. Can you as single, small individual make a difference? Yes, absolutely.

Duration: 1 - 2,5hrs

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interactive session

First act, then tell

From story-telling to story-doing

All companies have stories to tell. An ambition, an idea, a purpose, a brand message, unfortunately often only seen from the perspective of the corporation. We build campaigns to tell what we believe the end audience “should” hear from us. The proposal here is to turn it around and challenge ourselves. During this session we will have a look at how to do something which provides meaning, which solves something, which helps someone, which gives purpose to what we offer and only when you have done that, then talk and tell.

Duration: 1,5hrs - a whole day

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The power of questioning

How inquiry can lead to new ideas and solutions

We find ourselves wondering often why we are doing things the way we do.  But we don’t ask. We live in a (business) culture that discourages questioning. Because it might feel frustrating or counter-productive, the time is never right. You might not want to revisit but just push forward. We don’t want to have to defend traditional methods. What if we have no real answers?

However:  What if stepping back to question can help to lean in to provide a clear sense of direction and purpose? What if innovative questioning can lead to breakthrough ideas? What if we can actually innovate and solve problems through inquiry?

During this workshop we will take the time to step back and encourage questioning. Not as matter of pointing out what doesn’t work and expressing our dissatisfaction. But we will be looking at Appreciative Inquiry, focusing on strengths and envisioning what those solutions and results could be. And we will be using Innovative Questioning as a method to come up with more meaningful and sustainable ideas and solutions.

Duration: 1hr - a whole day

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