Deborah Hoeks © The Green Temple

Deborah Hoeks © The Green Temple

Deborah Hoeks

Deborah has a degree in Sport, Marketing and Communication. After 10 years in the commercial and event sector she changed her career to focus on on what gives her energy; being a yoga instructor and massage therapist.

She's a certified Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. She studied Kayotima® Shiatsu at the Leffelaar Institute and did trainings in Thai Yoga massage, Mio-Fascial Release and Deep tissue-technique.

Category: Zen Packages
Theme: Stress Release, Yin/Yang Yoga, Massage

massage & Yoga

Creating space to (re)connect to your body.

We all experience stress, if we undergo too much stress our physical and mental body is expressing this in blockages. Pains, restrictions in movement or mental stress.

Yoga is a massage from the inside out, opening spaces and uplifting your energy. You can call massage; yoga for lazy people. From the outside to your inner world. Creating space to (re)connect to your body.

Benefits: Working with yoga and massage will create a bigger understanding of your body and gives you tools to work with yourself and perform better at work. Get more more understanding of your body with a personal toolbox for prevention and stress release.

In one-to-one sessions Deborah will help you to (re)connect to yourself with (1) yoga and (2) massage. 

Duration: 20min-1,5hrs

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