Falling in love with office politics

Monday's Inspiration!

Falling in love with office politics by Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

Going through that revolving door every morning was sort of a Clark Kent-Superman exercise. “ Here we go”. Those were the words I played in my head every morning. It made me very conscious that I was about to perform on stage. And I enjoyed it, I liked playing the game and found it truly fascinating. I was always surprised by the fear, insecurity, uncertainty and lack of fulfilment I would experience around me. The importance of a certain feeling of entitlement. How people are driven and conditioned by all the expectations everyone has of them and how that influences their behaviour. 

The nervousness is palpable everyday. Where discussions are often far away from what the content is about, from what is logical, from what is good for a customer or for your own team or colleagues, where you know that people are not sharing what they really think. Or where you have a tense encounter with someone where “you win” and then what? You go home happy and feel you had a great day? No, probably you need a bottle of wine to numb yourself from such a day. To come back again next day.

You can go about your days that way. Or you can look at it differently. By not thinking about yourself. By embracing and falling in love with politics. I only had one intention every day: understanding people, figuring out what moves them, what drives them, what are their concerns, what are their goals and ultimate needs and then work with that. Understanding your boss, and their boss’ boss and their agendas and how to run yours by making them more successful (and per defect yourself). In fact it doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you solve their problem and move things forward. If you do that, you will get room to manoeuvre. You will get space to do what you find important, what really drives you. With a big sense of accomplishment. That’s so much more motivating than having to fight every day because of your self-centred view and because you are overtly chasing only your own agenda against others or following orders just because. Not actually the most effective way to play the game. You can actually get to run it your own way, no matter what position you have or at what level you are in the company. You always have a choice and you can always be in control, which is far more interesting. Plus you will make your life a lot easier. You end up realising that the actual content of the job is often irrelevant. And then I would go through the revolving door on the way out thinking…that was another incredible day, I look forward to tomorrow.

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz is Inspirational Speaker and Business Trainer at The Green Temple. Contact us for more information.