An Inspiration Tip from Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

Monday's Inspiration!

An Inspiration Tip from Eva Zahrawi Ruiz

It is not always easy to do, but I would like to propose to remove the word "should" out of our vocabulary.

If you catch yourself thinking  that someone should behave in a certain way, “my mother should…”, “my boss should”, “my partner should”, if you tell others “you should”…what you are doing is only projecting your expectations onto others.

They can not know what you are thinking, what you are expecting, what you would like them to do. If you want something, if you need something, be open and have have the courage to ask for it. And if you do it to yourself, if you think “I should be this or that way” “I should achieve a certain goal by then and then” “I should do or I shouldn’t do this” stop and think, who is actually asking for all of this? Who is expecting you to behave in a certain way? Most likely nobody but you. And you will only be putting too much unnecessary pressure on yourself. No one should be anything, no one should do anything. If you don’t have expectations you will not be able to be disappointed, instead you will have more open and honest communication and you will more often than not receive what you would like.

Have a great week! (with less “shoulds”).

Eva Zahrawi Ruiz is Inspirational Speaker and Business Trainer at The Green Temple. Contact us for more information.