An Anti-Stress Tip From Tim van der Vliet

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An Anti-Stress Tip From Tim van der Vliet


Want to know how to cope with stress at work in a simple and effective way? 

My life has changed lately. I have rented myself out to a hedge fund to be responsible for a trading strategy. It would be too boring to tell you what I do exactly but I can tell you that the job is stressfull. Although, that depends on how you define stress. Is stress being out of your comfort-zone? Sometimes I believe that. But I also believe life starts outside your comfort-zone and that stress is only bad for your health when you tell yourself that it is bad for you.  

So what method do I use to cope with this new stressful job to motivate myself, get myself recharged and relaxed? The answer is: my breath. I have learned it from sitting in ice water, which is simply said pure stress. But breathing deep and to the belly makes ice cold water change in inner strength, inner fire and the ice water may even feel warm. Breathing slow and deep to the belly is al it takes to cope with stress. 

The more you are conscious of your breath, the deeper you learn to breathe. You can be conscious of your breath in all moments in life. Remember this when you are riding around Amsterdam on your bicycle, or when you are listening to your boss ;). 

A simple method to train yourself to breathe deeper and slower is the "F-S breath". On your exhale you make the "F Sound, FFFFFF" and then the last part of your exhale you make the "S sound, SSSSS". After that breath in deeply. You will see that every time you do this your breathe more into the belly. At a certain moment you will breathe automatically long and deep.

When you encounter stress and focus on long deep in- and exhales you will find that most of that stress disappears. 

If you want to know more about Tim van der Vliet's breathing methods to calm you down and become more resilient, book his Body Zen Training or Wim Hof Breath Meditation.