A Motivation Tip from Jason Simmonds

Mondays Inspiration!

A Motivational Tip from Jason Simmonds

Monday, a new beginning of a new week. Well begun is half done, so why not start putting our heads together and make sure we start the week with a clear vision about what we want to achieve? Also in companies it's more important then anywhere else to work towards te same goals from the same point of view.

Jason Simmonds, Business Trainer and Tribal Coach at The Green Temple provides seven steps for business to start the week with a clear mind, and to help define your vision:

Step 1 - Be forward thinking – look toward the future to identify and capture (new) opportunities.
Step 2 - Focus on an ‘output’ state – define the desired outcome, effect or experience you’re looking to create.
Step 3 - What’s your WOW!? – what’s the unique twist, secret ingredient or special something which separates you from the heard.  
Step 4 - Humanize it – add a real-life aspect so that people can conjure up a solid mental image to associate with it.
Step 5 - Simplify - a complicated vision is a sign that it is reaching in too many directions and not focused.
Step 6 - Add some high-level quantification – “sketch” your strategic objectives to create a little more contour and focus.
Step 7 - Establish timeframes - have a specific timeline for when you intend to meet certain milestones.

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