A Balancing Tip from Suze Retera

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A Balancing Tip From Suze Retera

Stay Grounded in the Wind

Autumn season brings the wind of change. This can be very welcoming sometimes, but can also create confusion, unrest and an uprising energy. To get the most out of this wind of change, it is important to balace the uprooting energy of this Vata season with a grounded practice. This will allow you to keep a clear mind, and allow changes to happen in a structured way so there is a nice breeze clearing through your life instead of a hurricane. When you notice the Vata season (Autumn) has a strong impact on you and you feel more easily overwhelmed, stressed, rushed or anxious, starting or increasing your daily meditation practice will be very beneficial.

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In your yoga practice you can choose for grounding poses, which includes all standing boses, balancing poses on one leg and poses close to or on the floor. Connecting your feet strongly to the ground underneath you, sending the energy into your legs will support you in keeping your foundation strong and grounded, so you can move to wind without uprooting all together.

Suze Retera teaches a Masterclass, on a Saturday once a month, Slow Flow on Tuesday from 18:45-20:00 & Sunday from 10:30-12:00 and Vinyasa on Sunday from 9:00-10:15 at The Conscious Club.