A Motivation Tip from Fritzi Ponse

Monday's Inspiration!

Motivation Tip from Fritzi Ponse

Tibetan yoga routine to start your day on a positive note

I cannot say this enough: a little peaceful morning routine makes all the difference for the rest of your day - and even your week. Are you ready for 3 simple steps to empower yourself from dawn till dusk? First thing after waking, while still in bed (and half sleeping):

1) Take 7 breaths through your left nostril while closing your right nostril with one of your fingers. The left nostril is connected to your left side channel, which promotes positive thoughts and feelings. This way you stimulate a peaceful mind.


2) Next: bring your knees up and place your feet flat on your matrass. Imagine earth energy coming up through your feet as a bright light traveling through your body all the way up, exiting your crown chakra, and enveloping your whole body with a blanket of light. On your inhale, earth energy comes into your body through your feet and travels all the way up. On your exhalation that light is going out from your crown bank down into the ground. Continue for 7 breaths. This visualization helps you to ground and awaken the body.


3) Time to rise: drink a cup of (boiled) warm water before eating breakfast. This activates your inner warmth and digestion system. Now your engine should be running properly.

Have a great week!

Fritzi teaches Lu Jong Tibetan Yoga on Tuesday from 10:30-11:30 at The Conscious Club