Annelies Vette © The Green Temple

Annelies Vette © The Green Temple

Annelies Vette

Annelies is a speaker, writer, coach and trainer. After 10 years in HR in the financial industry / corporate world and a burn-out she decided that it was time to take the plunge and start her own business. It is her personal mission to create more awareness and get rid of the taboo that is still existing on having stress and not coping in the corporate world.

As a speaker and a certified mindfulness trainer she has worked with (a.o): KAS bank, ABN Amro, Intertrust and ING. She is educated in (group)coaching and forms of therapy.

Category: Inspirational Speakers, Business Coach
Theme: Burnout, Mindfulness





How to thrive and keep your balance

The world around us keeps changing in an immense pace and in the corporate world this seems to go even faster. Lots of people suffer from stress or are not even aware that they are running like rabbits on a battery. How can you thrive and still keep your balance? In this workshop we'll work with different techniques to stay balanced during challenging events. Whether it's in your personal life or during your professional career. 

What is stress and what happens in your body? What does your nervous system and what are your brains doing during stress? What are the signals of (severe) stress? And how can you make sure that you don’t lose your balance? You will learn the answers during this workshop.

You will also learn several Mindfulness techniques that will help you during your daily (working) life. Think about attention training, how to meditate, how to take mini breaks and have a mini meditation during your day and the benefits of these.

But also how to speak with attention, breathing techniques that reduce stress or lift you up again and how to recharge yourself during the day.

After this workshop you'll know better what happens during stress in your body. You will recognize it and learn (Mindfulness) techniques to calm yourself down in an instant. You will learn the first steps to meditation. As we will practice with speaking mindfully and breathing techniques in the moment, you will be able to use techniques during your daily and working life.

Duration: A workshop can be short and inspirational (1,5 hours) or take all day which will be a real immersion. Anything from 1,5 hours to 8 hours is possible. Annelies will design a program for the workshop, based on your question / situation. Whether you have a whole new team and you want to work on some teambuilding, or you need some inspiration to make sure that no-one gets stressed out or when your team works under extreme pressure. Everything is possible and this workshop will be designed especially for you and your team.

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Conscious talk

A demanding world

Her personal story about creating, having and overcoming a burn-out combined with her business background is an interesting point of view as she knows very well how demanding that world is.

Stress: What happens in your head, system and body when you have a burn-out? What do you do when one of your colleagues or loved ones has one? What do you do when your realize you are the one with a lot of negative stress? A lecture on stress, the brain and nervous system combined with Annelies' personal story.

How a drama turned into a dream: Annelies suffered from a severe burn-out and thought she would never function normal again. Today she works in the job she loves and is inspired everyday. How can a drama turn into a dream? What do you need to do to live your dream life?

Duration: max. 2hrs

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